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Welcome to Brooklin

Brooklin is renowned for being the “Boat Building Capital of the world with businesses such as the Brooklin Boat Yard, Atlantic Boat, Wooden Boat School, and the Wooden Boat Magazine as some of the local establishments that draw visitors to this area year-round. In addition to the home where EB White wrote much of Charlotte's Web, the Brooklin Boat Yard is now run by his grandson which plays an integral part in the annual Eggemoggin Reach Regatta. Recently the New Yorker’s Roger Angell wrote this story about finding Brooklin which only further illustrates the unique aspects of Brooklin.


This maritime town is a community rich with boat builders, artists, writers, musicians, and potters in an authentic, and bucolic coastal retreat is located outside of the heavily trafficked and congested destinations that summer visitors to Maine often flock to.


Brooklin is a destination unto itself for those who desire nature, brilliant night skies, and radiant light shifting colors from sunrise to dusk and sunset. In every season, you truly feel away from it all while surrounded by world-class dining, fine art galleries, and unparalleled outdoor recreational activities while still close to destinations like the Blue Hill Peninsula, Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park, Historic Fort Knox, Penobscot Narrows Bridge, Stonington Harbor, and The Bold Coast of Down East Maine. In Brooklin, you get the best of both worlds. 

Experience Brooklin at Brooklin House

To bring aspects of Brooklin to every stay, guests of The Brooklin House receive a complimentary experience consultation by our concierge Vanessa, who is Maine’s premier hospitality expert who will curates and personalizes every stay. 


Maximizing her relationships ranging from local chefs and restaurant owners, oyster farmers, craft brewers, local artisans, and tour guides who specialize in unique destinations for indoor/outdoor activities, our concierge builds bespoke itineraries far beyond what can be found in traditional travel guides.

Tailored-Maine Experiences

Our concierge can also create highly customized packages* tailored to meet your specific needs, maximize your experience at Brooklin House, and fully utilize your enjoyment of the property and amenities.  These intimate events include:

  • Exclusive Brooklin House Chef's Dinner

  • Pre-stocked pantries with the freshest, seasonal provisions from Brooklin and the Blue Hill Peninsula

  • Prestige wine tastings with a sommelier on Herrick point

  • Wine and lobster themed weekends

  • Oyster pairings with local brewers

  • Spa and Yoga retreats

  • Watercolors, painting, and illustrations

  • Brooklin Barn experiences (coming soon)

*Customized experiences are at an additional fee, must be arranged in advance, and are subject to availability.


Shop with Local Merchants

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